Matthew Robb


“Musically, Robb occupies the borderland between the talking blues of Townes Van Zandt and the folk excursions of early Dylan.” Uncut

“Beat but not yet beaten, in a place of thieves, vagabonds, old dirt roads and restless dreams.“ RnR 

“Robb’s cool spoken voice  sits as well as on any J.J Cale record.” Americana UK

“Matthew belts out stunning bitter poetry, railing against decaying society’s failings. This is intoxicating and truly uplifting.”  Fatea

“Great songs from a mature poet who deserves maximum artistic respect.“ Blues Matters

“Gets into a groove like a dust bowl Van Morrison.” Marc Higgins

“Here’s a fellow with a very individual straight forward style. He says what he feels.- I think it’s fascinating.” Frank Hennessy, Celtic Heartbeat, BBC Radio Wales

“On ́History before it happens ́ Robb showcases his poetic vision, social conscience and mastery of the folk phrase. You can dance to these songs, but they also make you think.“ Irish Music Magazine

“Not only are these fine songs, but listening to ́History before it happens ́ is an uplifting experience.” RnR

“Ethereal cosmic Americana, apocalyptic poetry delivered through the kind of enlightened bliss that Van Morrison used to muster“ Fatea

“Almost religious. Thought provoking.” The Spirit of Progressive Rock