Matthew Robb


RnR Magazine

“Hobo thumb tripping and outlaw blues. Matthew Robb is hunting authenticity beat but not yet beaten, in a place of thieves, vagabonds, old dirt roads and restless dreams”  *****  

Uncut Magazine

“Musically he occupies the borderland between the talking blues of Townes Van Zandt and the folk excursions of early Dylan.  ……… a beautifully weighted meditation on death which transcends it’s generic architecture” Uncut Magazine review

“As modern as it is historical, understated, stark, extraordinarily powerful in its simplicity. Spirit in the form takes us to a place which is early blues mixed with Jacobean tragedy”

Flyin Shoes Review

“So sweet the guitar work, and with his voice possessing characteristics of a traveller   from a Woody Guthrie story, or someone from a John Steinbeck novel there’s a rare beauty within.   Like a good many others worth their salt his music grows on you”